I am not going to try to “Fix” you…….


Brides feel an incredible amount of pressure to look perfect on their wedding day. Social media, Pinterest and even our friends set the bar high for what we “should” look like on our wedding day. Even certain designers in the bridal industry will only cut their samples in set sizes- seriously? Every day we see brides that feel like they need to lose weight or change their body to look “acceptable” in their wedding dress. Let’s get real…we are human and EVERYONE of us have some insecurity of how our body looks, yes everyone. But hear this clearly, as your stylist, I am not going to try to “fix” you. There is nothing wrong with you and I am not going to ask you to change a thing about yourself to look gorgeous in your wedding gown. Nope, not one thing. I understand the insecurity we have about our upper arms, curvy hips, broad shoulders and a short torso, but what I also understand is that each of you have 5 other amazing traits to highlight instead of focusing on that one part of your body you don’t like. When I am dressing a bride, I identify immediately what a bride loves about her body, what makes her feel beautiful and finding dresses that best compliment her favorite traits. Do you want to wear your dress or do you want your dress to wear you?

I can’t express to you how amazing I feel when I work with a bride who was terrified to shop for her bridal dress because she thought that she couldn’t feel beautiful in anything. Nothing compares to the look on her face when she finds that she loves her waistline or how her shoulders look in a bateau neckline- maybe that was the first time she had felt confident and beautiful in a long time. I live for those moments with our brides. When brides feel beautiful, they stand taller, they smile brighter- it has nothing to do with how the dress looks, but how amazing it makes her feel.


– Jessica

I love my Job


I’m sure you all know by now how much I love my job. But there is one part in particular that has been incredibly rewarding- it’s working with brides. I know you are probably saying, “duh, that is exactly what I’d expect she’d say”, but just hang on for a minute as it’s probably not as simple as you think either!

When I began this adventure I thought about all of the things/ideas that I could teach our That Dress Brides. What I didn’t realize is that these same brides are also teaching me new things/ideas everyday as well. Talk about a fulfilling relationship!

Here are a few things I have learned along the way:

*Most brides are terrified to begin bridal gown shopping. Let’s face it, it can be intimidating to think about finding the most important dress you’ll ever wear right?! Anxious, scared, intimidated brides have been my very favorite to work with over the years. I can literally feel their happiness when they know they look amazing in their bridal gown. You can just see their confidence grow!

*The shopping “experience” is really important. Our everyday lives are blessed with all kind of conveniences. All types of shopping, including groceries in my case can be ordered and delivered through online services. That Dress Brides do appreciate the traditional bridal gown shopping experience with their friends and family. When a bride finds her gown at That Dress it is not only exciting, but a fantastic memory of wedding planning that she shares with her loved ones.

*Relationships can be really difficult sometimes. Mother/daughter, sisters, mother in laws all have a significance in your special day and there are often relationship dynamics that have to be addressed during the shopping process.

*We don’t have bridezillas. Nope. Not one. I get asked this all of the time and we really don’t. Our life as stylists is not at all like the reality tv shows; admittedly I like it that way! I believe that during your first appointment with That Dress, we really work to build a trusting relationship and rapport with our clients. Our brides feel that they can contact us at anytime and we are right here to help. After all your first appointment at That Dress will begin a relationship that will last for the better part of a year and beyond!