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Wedding Dress Preservation

Preserve the memories of your special day with wedding dress preservation and cleaning. Simply drop off your dress at That Dress and we’ll take care of the rest! Your dress will be cleaned, repaired, preserved, and delivered directly to your home.

You can admire your beautifully preserved dress through the viewing window of the specially designed preservation box, all while keeping it safe for a future daughter, niece, or granddaughter to someday walk down the aisle in.

Our wedding dress preservation service is offered to That Dress Brides at the exclusive price of $300. Email us today at to learn more!

That Dress proudly offers the kit services of The Wedding Gown Preservation Co. You simply purchase a compact kit from us (at a special savings for our That Dress Brides). You bring your gown and accessories and we pack it for you and ship it. From there, simply wait about 10 weeks and your gown comes back cleaned and preserved in a window box to be kept safely for generations!

Simply contact us to reserve your kit today! We can preserve any gown for you at That Dress. The price of a getting a gown preserved is $300. To clean a gown only is $200.

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